Our Doctors

Mermaids philosophy is to encourage looking great and feeling great. We believe this is achieved through a balance of looking after yourself both on the inside as well as the outside. The following links not only provide further detailed information on many of the services we offer, they may also provide some help in achieving that balance for you:

Visit: www.natural365.com.au

Dr Liza Rady


Dr Liza Rady is a registered Medical Practitioner of over 20 years. Liza is a cosmetic injection specialist and has been working in the cosmetic medicine industry since 2005. Prior to this, Liza worked extensively in emergency medicine, critical care and also worked as medical crew on the American TV show “survivor” for 5 years.

Lynn Dixon

Registered Nurse

Lynn Dixon has been a registered nurse for 21 years with 16 years experience in emergency departments. Lynn is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Laser Technician, and has 10 years experience in the use of wrinkle fillers and Anti-Wrinkle injections. With a wonderful skill in balancing the face aesthetically Lynn’s passion for her injecting work allows clients to achieve a fresh, subtle appearance.